Chicken Piccata

This traditional dish has origins in Italy and features marinated chicken in a lemon-parsley sauce. Caesar salad dressing adds to the delicious, tangy flavor.

Jamaican Chicken Curry

This dynamic curry has its roots in Jamaica with the plentiful use of thyme. Combined with curry powder, red peppers, and chicken drumsticks, students will love the vibrant flavors.

Soft Tacos with Chicken

A very comforting, easy, and popular meal. Seasoned chicken and cheese are added to tortillas then topped with tomatoes, corn, and salsa.

Chicken Cacciatore

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a good cacciatore. This dish features chicken tenders, fresh garlic, bell pepper, and parmesan cheese.

Chicken Fajita with Peppers and Onions

This Tex-Mex recipe uses chicken strips, sliced onions and green bell peppers to create the ideal filling for a whole wheat taco. Serve with salsa for a delicious dish!

Chicken Corn Chowder

This comforting soup goes great with a fresh salad. Serve on a chilly day for a hearty lunch, and top with chopped cilantro for a southwestern twist.

Acadian Red Fish with Coconut Lime Red Sauce

Delicious coconut lime vegetable sauce served over roasted Gulf of Maine Acadain red fish.

Turkey Tetrazzini

Diced turkey with mushrooms and vegetables in a creamy cheesy white sauce. Baked on top of a layer of tender rice and topped with shredded cheese.

Chicken and Spinach Quesadillas

Kids love quesadillas! In this recipe, diced chicken, spinach, and cheese are added to whole wheat tortillas then cooked until golden brown.

Chicken and Black Bean Chili

A hearty chili using chicken tenders, black beans, red bell pepper, and butternut squash. The addition of tomato, chili powder, and cumin creates delicious flavor.

Classic Beef Meatballs

A classic recipe using ground beef, breadcrumbs, herbs, eggs, and cheese. Serve with marinara sauce in a hoagie roll or with spaghetti.

My Aunt’s Famous Meatloaf

Lauren Adler’s aunt knows how to make a mean meatloaf. Serve with mashed potatoes or brown rice and roasted veggies for a complete meal.