The Benefits of Online Training

At School Food Handler we believe online USDA Professional Standards Training is one of the most convenient and easy to use methods for meeting the training requirements put on your staff. Some of the other benefits of online training include reduced cost and flexibility for you and your team.

Less Time Needed to Train:

The amount of time it takes employees to complete an interactive, self-paced course was reported to be between 25% and 75% less than a classroom course. The time it takes employees to master the content presented to them in a multimedia environment is 60% faster than in a classroom environment.

Increase in Retention Rates:

Employees that receive multimedia instruction have been noted to show up to 50% higher retention rates over those that received classroom instruction. Retention rates are a measure of how much content reaches long-term memory, and reflect the employees ability to recall information after the training is completed.


The variance in content delivery with multimedia training is 20-40% less than instructor-led training. The range of percentage can be attributed to the different choices available to staff members as they make their way through interactive courses.

Increased Satisfaction:

When employees have to option to move at their own pace it eliminates pressure and social anxiety increasing personal satisfaction.

Stronger Team Unity:

With our group training options your staff is given the ability to work together as they go through their trainings. This helps to build a strong cohesive team by establishing a consistent and positive training environment.